Jewelry Designed By Nature

Nature is fully capable of creating breathtaking designs, both at a distance and up close. Come see what I’ve found for you.

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The inspiration for Alaska Rocks! Jewelry occurred while emptying my pocketful of rocks, gathered during a hike.  Taking an object and being able to shed a different light on it, is one of my passions.  Giving a value that was not there or simply being able to illuminate subtleties that often times are over-looked can be found in most of my work.   Taking these rocks out of their natural environment allows them to be an unlikely focal point. I enjoy the challenge of trying to pair complimentary rocks together, then incorporating them in a design that reveals their simplistic beauty yielding truly unique pieces.  The fundamental beauty of the natural world is an endless source for my artistic expression. Many experiences have shaped my creative vision, from graduating with an art degree from the University of Alaska to extensive world travel.  I feel the more I am exposed to the world, the more questions arise giving me a larger foundation for my creative juices to flow.  The challenge of having an idea and being able to make it a reality outside of my mind fills me with a sense of deep accomplishment.

Loey Gi’ Stayden

Anchorage, Alaska

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St. James Court Art Show
Vinkolet Art & Wine Show

Vinoklet Winery & Restaurant

11069 Colerain Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45252

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